Social Share

No-JS, lightweight social share links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Pinterest, WhatsApp & Telegram that you can style 100% visually.

Option Controls


Provides options to either show just text links, icon links or both.

Font Size

By default, the icon sizes and the padding for the buttons are all using ems, so changing the overall font size is quick way to scale the entire button to the size you need.

Layout / Position

Allows you to control the inner layout of the social links.

Sticky positioning can be added easily in the layout settings, as long as the social share buttons component is inside an element which either has other elements inside it or a preset height.

Social Networks

Each network has it’s own settings to be able to customise how the links function, to show / hide each link individually and to change the icons used in each button.

Style Controls

The overall buttons, icons or just text can all be styled separately. The buttons can be styled with the original brand colours from the networks themselves or with all custom colours.