Expand your capabilities in Oxygen

— OxyExtras is a premium Oxygen addon providing 40 flexible components to help you build more of your project visually & speed up your workflow. 
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Each component is lightweight, with minimal markup,  designed to work seamlessly with one another & with existing Oxygen components.

Animated Counters

An easy way to add counters which animate up as they enter the viewport with custom animation durations.
Animated Counters screenshot

Alert Boxes

Multiple purpose alert boxes to display messages which can be fixed to the viewport or added inside content.
Alert Boxes screenshot

Off Canvas

A slide-in off-canvas wrapper. Set the click trigger, set your transition speeds & add any elements inside that you want.
Off Canvas screenshot

Reading Progress Bar

Choose the element containing the article. Style & position the reading progress bar & you're set.
Reading Progress Bar screenshot

Author Boxes

Create author boxes with profile image, bio and dynamic links to the author's archive page and external website link, as set by the author.
Author Boxes screenshot

Adjacent Posts

Build dynamic links to previous & next posts visually. Add featured images, post titles, icons and labels with generous style options.
Adjacent Posts screenshot

Back to Top

Easy back to top button with icons, text or use a custom image. Set the scroll speed & the scroll position when the button is made visible.
Back to Top screenshot

Header Search

Add expanding search forms into your headers with support for full screen search, header overlay or sitting underneath the header.
Header Search screenshot

Fluent Form

Style all parts of fluent forms visually inside Oxygen to better match your design. Support for both Fluent Forms & Fluent Forms Pro.
Fluent Form screenshot

Social Share

No-JS social share links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Pinterest, WhatsApp & Telegram. Style everything visually to fit your project.
Social Share screenshot

Read More / Less

A wrapper component for collapsing and expanding long blocks of content with "Read more" and "Close" links.
Read More / Less screenshot

Lottie Animations

Add Lottie animations with user interactivity controls for syncing with scrolling, cursor position, clicking, hovering or simply playing on loop.
Lottie Animations screenshot

Animated Burger Trigger

An easy way to add animated burger menu buttons for triggering Modals, Off-Canvas or Slide Menus.
Animated Burger Trigger screenshot

Post Modified Date

Both absolute & relative time options for allowing users to see how up to date the information in articles are.
Post Modified Date screenshot


Build preloaders visually in Oxygen for hiding flashes of unstyled content (FOUC), hiding fallback fonts or displaying any elements on page load.
Preloader screenshot

Mini Cart & Counter

Two components to add different types of AJAX Woocommerce carts to your Oxygen projects, off-canvas, dropdown..
Mini Cart & Counter screenshot

Carousel Builder

Visually build carousels with Repeaters, Easy Posts, Product Lists... or using custom elements.
Carousel Builder screenshot

Content Switcher

Allow visitors to switch between two variations of any element. Ideal for price switching.
Content Switcher screenshot

Pro Media Player

Add Lazy loading videos & audio to your Oxygen templates with a customizable UI.
Pro Media Player screenshot

Circular Progress

An easy way to build SVG circular progress bars that animate as the user scrolls the page.
Circular Progress screenshot

Mega Menus

Add accessible mega menus populated with any elements, including menu items direct from WP menus.
Mega Menus screenshot


Display dynamic content from other posts/pages via AJAX, show iFrames (parts of pages) & add image/ video lightboxes to existing content.
Lightboxes screenshot
..and more. Visit the documentation for in-depth instructions & guidance on all components

Lightweight & Bloat Free

Each component loads conditionally only where it's being used, meaning zero bloat.

Familiar Style Controls

All style controls & settings all with Oxygen's existing UI for an easy workflow.

Import / Export Presets

Save your settings & style configurations for use across multiple projects & design sets.

Brought to you by:

 David Browne, Gagan Goraya & Sridhar Katakam  

Start your next Oxygen project with a new collection of components.

Faster Workflow

The new components handle the functionality, you jump straight to the designing part.

Save & Export Presets

Style & configure once, then save & export your settings as a preset for another site.

Less code blocks

All those common things you needed code blocks to add to your site. Now you don't.