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— What is OxyExtras?

OxyExtras is a plugin that adds new components to Oxygen Builder, allowing you to build websites more visually and less reliant on adding custom code or using non-Oxygen plugins that require adding shortcodes.

— How is OxyExtras different to other Oxygen addons?

OxyExtras is not a design set or an addon to improve the UI. It is a component library focused on bringing more power to the user to build visually in Oxygen.

— Will OxyExtras slow down my site?

No extra code is added onto the front end of your site for elements not being used on a specific page. When elements are being used, some structural styling is added to build the component & JS for the functionality (if needed).

— Can I use OxyExtras elements inside my design sets?

Yes. As long as the website that is importing the design set also has OxyExtras active all the settings and styling can be imported / exported via Oxygen’s design set library feature.

— How long will this price be for?

As more components and more functionality is added the price may increase (or the lifetime option removed all together). Existing customers will receive all future updates at no extra cost. There are no discounts available.

— What is the difference between OxyExtras and Oxy Toolbox?

OxyExtras adds additional components in the Oxygen editor. Oxy Toolbox is a set of tools for everything else – class management, admin bar additions, new conditions, editor UI tweaks etc. There is a minor overlap (reading progress bar and back to top) between the two but in essence they have different goals.

— What is your refund policy?

We prefer that you go through the documentation of the components that OxyExtras adds and get an idea of the functionality before purchasing to avoid refunds. If you are unsure about something, please contact us.

We provide a refund within the first 15 days of purchase if you find that OxyExtras is not working as it is supposed to AND if you have contacted our support and we are unable to fix the issue to your satisfaction. That said, we understand that there are circumstances that can’t be avoided and you can mail us so we can consider your refund request on an individual basis.