How to Get Started

Here is how to get started and get enable access to all of the OxyExtras components..

Install OxyExtras just like a normal WordPress plugin.

In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload, and upload the .zip file for Oxygen.

Then, activate the plugin.

Entering Your Licence Key

To get update notifications and download updates to OxyExtras from your WordPress admin panel, enter your license key by going to the Oxygen -> OxyExtras > Licence screen. You can find your license key from your account page.

Locating the New Components

By default, all the new additional components can be found in the +Add panel inside Oxygen editor under Extras.

Disabling Specific Components

Components that you won’t be using in a project can be disabled from the WordPress admin panel Oxygen -> OxyExtras > Settings.

This can be useful both to keep things organised (if you have a lot of addons) or just to keep Oxygen light in terms of what components/assets are loaded inside the builder.