Post Modified Date

This component is for displaying the latest modified date of posts. It can be used on single post templates and also inside repeaters for showing how recent each article in the list is.

Option Controls

Display as Relative or Absolute

The time can be shown as an absolute time such as March 13th 2020 (the date format being customisable) or can be set to be relative to the current time. In this case, the time will appear as ‘2 minutes ago’, then ‘2 hours ago’, ‘4 days ago’ etc as the post ages.

Date Format

There are a few common presets for the date format. You can also choose custom and can add any format string for the date. The default if choosing custom will be the same as you have it set in your WordPress site settings already.

Text Before

The text before also offers an easy way to customise the text before the time. The default here is ‘Updated: ‘