When you install OxyExtras, you might have noticed that none of the components are enabled out of the box.

Update: If you’re running Oxygen v3.8+ this is very unlikely to be an issue as this was addressed in the v3.8 update.

It is strongly recommended to only enable the components that you actually want to use and keep others disabled.

Note that we are talking about the number of components being available in the +Add panel of Oxygen, not the number of elements in the page Structure.

The reason for this is due to the way shortcodes are parsed by an internal WordPress function and the way Oxygen processes shortcode depth. Oxygen team is looking into ways to fix this.

Note – you’re unlikely to actually come across any issue unless you are using multiple addons, meaning you would be having large numbers of active component at one time. But for best practice, disabling the components you won’t be using is recommended.

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