Lightbox component of OxyExtras has different possible content sources one of which is “Inline (elements on current page)”.

In this article we shall see how a trigger (can be any element like a button, image etc.) can be set to open a lightbox when clicked with the lightbox content being an element that is hidden on the page.

Inline has two options:

  • Display elements inside the lightbox
  • Another element on page

Here we are covering the “Another element on page” option.

By the end of this tutorial your structure should be like this:

In the Oxygen editor, add a Section.

Add a Div. This is the container that holds the lightbox content.

In this example, you can add Heading and Text components.

Under Advanced → Layout, set the Display to none.

Add a Lightbox at the same level as the earlier Div.

Lightbox content: Inline (elements on current page)

Inline content: Another element on page

Element selector: (ID or class of the hidden Div)

Add a button or image or any other component that you wish to use as the trigger that should launch the lightbox.

That’s it.

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