OxyExtras Support FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers to help if you come across any common sticking points when using OxyExtras.

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1a. I’m not seeing any style changes on the front end

This will be most likely a caching issue where the old CSS file is being used in the browser. Regenerate the Oxygen CSS cache in the Oxygen settings and then make sure there is no caching on from any plugins or from hosting.

1b. I’m not able to edit my templates inside of Oxygen.

Make sure you don’t have lots of components from multiple addons active at the same time. Upwards of around 70 components and it can cause issues. A lot of addons, including OxyExtras provides a way to disable all the components that you don’t need for each project.

1c. I’m seeing a 500 error when inside Oxygen

Check your server’s error_log file to see the exact error message. Your web hosting provider can help you with this. This error is almost always caused by a misconfigured server or an another plugin.

1d. My templates or pages aren’t saving properly

We recommend you follow the steps at the Oxygen troubleshooting guide as this will likely resolve the issue.

2a. My carousel isn’t working on the front end

Firstly, make sure that you’ve adding the correct component inside the setting that you’re using. If you’re using an Easy Posts component, but have accidently selected ‘repeater’. It won’t find the component to build the carousel.

The next thing to check would be the browser console for errors. Sometimes errors from JS further up the page can stop other JS scripts from running. In chrome go to View – Developer – Javascript console to see if there are any errors. If you see an error related to a specific plugin, that is likely the cause.

3a. The next posts are not being loaded

This could be because there are no next posts. Without pagination links, there is no next page for the component to take the next posts from.

If this is the case, it could mean you are using a custom query that doesn’t have pagination, or the number of posts in the WordPress reading settings need to changed to a higher number to make sure the pagination includes more posts.

4a. Clicking the backdrop isn’t closing the offcanvas

Make sure the offcanvas element is not placed inside the header builder and is instead one of the primary elements in the structure panel along side the sections.

If using shape dividers on sections, sometimes the relative positioning of the section can cause the backdrop to be unclickable. The solution here is to set a z-index of at least 1 from inside the backdrop settings.

5a. The animations are flickering in Safari.

Depending on how the lottie animation is created, it can include filters inside the JSON that don’t render well on certain browsers. The rendering mode can be changed, the default is SVG . SVG is great for vector animations. Canvas is good for rasterized layers most common in image sequences. Toggle the renderer if the animation isn’t playing correctly in the selected mode.